Estate & Legacy Planning

Your estate. Your legacy. 

We can partner with your legal expert or our network of highly specialized legal experts who can help establish or update your estate plan.

Without even realizing it, most people have attempted to create an estate plan by naming beneficiaries or titling certain accounts in a specific manner.

The question is: will this be enough to ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes?

There are several benefits to consider in setting up your estate plan:

  • Maintain control over the distribution of assets upon your death
  • Help reduce or possibly eliminate estate taxes
  • Preserve an estate for the benefit of heirs
  • Protect your privacy and avoid the potentially significant cost of probate court
  • Name an individual or entity to act as a trustee and to manage estate assets
  • Designate someone to act on your behalf, should you become incapacitated
  • Provide for payment of estate taxes and help beneficiaries cover immediate and future needs

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*SCA does not offer tax or legal advice; please consult your tax professional or estate attorney for tax and estate matters.