Our goal is to create a financial path that will help you achieve your goals and live out your bucket list.

To do this well requires ongoing analysis and periodic adjustments. As your financial advisor, we work closely with you to evaluate your financial situation and craft personalized, goals-driven plans to make your dreams your reality.

First, we want to know what your dreams and goals are. Our conversation should start with your bucket list, not your financial accounts. There is more to your life than dollars and cents.

Next, we formulate a strategy that works for you. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of what it is you want to do, we will provide analysis and recommendations to help you achieve it.

Finally, we put a plan into action---and you sleep better at night. Plans are never static, and we won’t lose sight of yours as things in life change. You’ll rest easier, knowing you can tweak your bucket list, and we can tweak your plan accordingly. 

mainstreet process chart


  • Why are you here?
  • What we do
  • Riskalyze and risk number
  • Statement review to facilitate planning


  • Presentation of findings
    • Report(s)
    • Portfolio score vs. risk score
  • Timeline of need
  • Fee Agreement


  • New account paperwork

Technology Onboarding

  • Personal Client Website and Vault
  • 401k login connection
  • TD statement/confirmation delivery information

Follow-Up and Planning

  • Accounts open - investment review
  • Additional client needs

Our Future

  • Annual reviews
  • Quarterly company updates
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Social media
  • Event invitations
  • Additional service as needed

Let’s Get The Process Started.