SCA Personal Client Portal

Access all your accounts and documents in one place

Our secure aggregation software gives you the ability to access all of your financial accounts in one place. This not only gives you a fuller picture of your available resources, but it also allows you to explore various scenarios for using those resources over time. You can finally plan your financial security rather than guessing at your ability to achieve it!

Our client vault system provides us with a secure way of storing and protecting your documents (including monthly TD statements) while giving you unlimited access to them. It also allows us a safe channel for the exchange of information such that confidential documents can be transmitted between us and our clients with the peace of mind of an in-person transaction.

First time? Watch the Client Portal Setup videos for browser, mobile, and account linking below.


Accessing Your TD statements and Current Tax Forms

They're posted automatically into the folders under the Custodian Documents tab.

Click the "Custodian Documents" tab beside the "Shared Files" tab (under our logo in the upper lefthand corner) to access.

(Please note that Custodian Documents must be accessed on a computer, not through the mobile app. Shared Files are accessible on both platforms.)


First-Time Portal Setup Video (Browser)


First-Time Portal Setup Video (Mobile)


Linking Your 401Ks and Away-Held Accounts (Browser ONLY) Video


TD Ameritrade - Custodian

Access your TD Ameritrade accounts only

TD Ameritrade has been in the business of financial services for more than 40 years: they have worked in investing and trading for almost six-million clients and over $600 billion in assets, and they have honed their custodial services for more than 4,000 independent registered investment advisors. TD Ameritrade's reputation for excellence swiftly followed its inception and can still be seen in the approximately 400,000 daily trades its clients place. We clear through TD Ameritrade because we have worked with them for years and know we can trust them with our clients and their life goals.

First time? Click the button below, and when you get to the TD page, use the "Set up my profile link" below the green login button to establish your account.