Important Benefits of Using a Financial Advisor

William Waggoner II |

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Whether you've been considering increasing the rate of return on your assets or are afraid that your financial affairs are becoming too complicated for your family to handle, it may be time to seek financial guidance. From tax optimization to retirement savings goals, financial professionals assist their customers in developing wealth strategies.

But how do you know when it's time to seek financial advice from a professional? Learn more about the advantages of working with a financial professional or another type of specialist financial professional.


The ability of a financial professional to help you establish your goals—and then work toward them—is one of the most powerful holistic benefits they can deliver. Saving for retirement or a child's college education can be difficult to visualize abstract financial objectives. Working with a financial advisor can assist you in putting a monetary value on these objectives and working backward to determine what you need to do today, next year, and ten years from now to achieve them.

Tax preparation is another advantage of working with a financial advisor. Contributing to a regular IRA, 401(k), Health Savings Account, or 529 educational account; bundling your medical expenses; or selling low-performing investments to use the capital loss deduction are all examples of ways to decrease your taxable income (and total tax paid). Working with a financial advisor can assist you in maximizing the many tax benefits available to you.

Financial advisors can also assist you with estate and will preparation. Although using a certified attorney to prepare your last will and testament is usually a good idea, a financial advisor can assist you navigate the questions you'll want to ask your attorney and point out some ways you might arrange your will to minimize any tax burden on your heirs.

Finally, a financial advisor can assist you in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic's "new normal." COVID-19 has put a wrench in many families' plans, from unexpected job losses to greater future health bills; by working with a financial advisor, you can alter your present plans to better anticipate your future needs. 


Many people believe that they do not require the services of a financial advisor until they have collected considerable assets or have reached a particular age. However, most people can benefit from financial guidance at various periods of their lives, whether they're just starting out in their careers, preparing for retirement, or already retired and looking to stretch their money a little further.

You can also choose your own connection with a financial advisor, such as whether you want an advisor who checks in on you (and your investments) on a regular basis or one who you contact only when you have specific financial questions.

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